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The world is heading for a disastrous level of pollution threatening the health of our planet. Fashion — the second most polluting industry on the planet — is a huge part of the problem and must take action to clean up its act. At 3DLOOK, we are committed to doing our part, supporting the industry in meeting its climate goals, and working with brands that share our desire for a greener fashion industry.


Clothing is a necessity, but staggering waste and sky-high CO2 emissions caused by unnecessary logistics are not. Of the 100 billion garments that will be produced over the next year, 60 billion will be discarded within 12 months. And while most assume that the 30% of online fashion purchases we return are placed right back on the rack, the reality is much of it simply ends up in a landfill. With the support of our partners and shoppers, 3DLOOK has developed solutions that help companies to improve their footprint by challenging needless waste and returns in the fashion industry. Our solutions provide customers with a clear understanding of how a product will look and fit, helping them purchase clothes that they will love and keep, and in turn, reduce the number of garments deemed as surplus, returned, and discarded without ever being worn. These solutions provide our partners with a better understanding of customers’ sizes and shapes and offer anonymized data to support them in designing and distributing garments that sell, fit, and won’t go to waste.


At 3DLOOK, our mission is to:

  • Provide fashion businesses with the tools to eliminate waste and improve the industry’s environmental footprint
  • Solve fashion’s struggles with size and fit, and reduce sky-high return rates that cost businesses, consumers, and our environment
  • Promote sustainable manufacturing models that encourage consumers to shop less, but shop better
  • Change negative perceptions of fashion and position the industry as a leader in positive environmental action
  • Do our part to correct past mistakes, and provide a safe and healthy environment for future generations


Consumers share this commitment by seeking out brands that champion sustainability and shunning those that persist with harmful practices. By pursuing processes and practices that focus on delivering quality rather than quantity, we can better serve shoppers and, in turn, do the right thing for our planet.


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