AI-powered body scanning technology for next-level health & fitness body composition tracking

Make Al-powered body data insights generated with 3D body scanning technology an integral part of your business to grow acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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of health and fitness app users churn by day 28.

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of gym members and fitness app users who have a positive onboarding experience don’t churn after 6 months.



of new customers quit within 6 months of using
a gym or a fitness app.



Leveraging accurate 3D body data

as the key to unlocking valuable body data insights to enhance customer health and fitness potential.


AI-powered body data insights. Instant, accurate, mobile

Smart scales

Offer accurate weight estimations anywhere and anytime with a virtual body scanning solution.

Body shape detection

Inspire personalization with fitness plans tailored to your clients’ body shapes for more efficient training.

Fat ratio

Leverage essential body composition insights powered by AI body scanner for weight loss.

Body proportions

Track key body parameters such as waist-to-hip ratio and waist-to-chest ratio to optimize their fitness performance and reduce injury risks.

Metabolic rate

Show your customers how their basal metabolic rate changes in real-time as their body weight changes.

Obesity analysis (BMI)

Maximize the use of BMI results as a powerful tool to motivate your customers to reach their health goals.

Fitness progress

Offer next-level transparency of weight gain or loss progression thanks to AI-powered 3D body visualization.

Results benchmarking

Get a 360-degree view of long-term fitness results based on weekly and monthly progress benchmarking.

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User flow

A user enters information about gender, height, and weight.

The user selects ‘By myself’ or ‘Friend’ Mode.
Then follows the quick and easy voice instructions to take a front and side photo.

Their results process in under 45 seconds!


User’s progress

A user conducts a scan with each weight check-in, enabling them to compare scans and see changes in particular body areas over time

FITXPRESS for Business

Advanced solutions for advanced revenue growth

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For health and fitness apps

Elevate in-app experience with AI-powered body scanning to ignite personalization, increase usage, monetization, and retention.
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For weight loss apps

Provide your app users with greater transparency over their weight loss journeys with the help of precise AI-powered data insights generated from a mobile body scan.
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For connected fitness companies

Foster a healthier lifestyle and promote healthy aging and longevity with a highly precise body scanning solution and numerous body parameters.
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For fitness centers and gyms

Benefit from a precise results tracking system to deliver personalized experiences, boost retention and satisfaction, and attract newcomers with cutting-edge solutions.
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For personal trainers / coaches

Let your clients take ownership of their fitness journeys. Grow your business with a stunning portfolio of 3D body visualizations of your clients’ successes.
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For nutrition and dieting apps

Unlock next-level data insights to enhance and personalize nutrition plans of your users with AI-powered body scanning technology.
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Fueling business growth with data-driven innovations

Accurate fitness progress tracking is a game-changer for health and fitness customers. 
We offer next-level technology to achieve it.


Attract more customers with innovative technologies ensuring precise health and fitness insights.


AI-powered body tracking that is efficient and user-friendly encourages high engagement and monetization.


Personalized data insights and experiences result in high user retention and brand advocacy.

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High-precision 3D models and rich body data in under 45 seconds

Edge Computing

Landmark detection and background segmentation are held on the consumers' devices, significantly decreasing processing time.

Real-time Validation

Real-time tracking and ML-powered validation of the scanning process.

Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Advanced computer vision algorithms detect the dressed human body on photos taken with just a smartphone, and neural networks determine landmarks and produce a set of probability maps.

Proprietary Statistical Modeling

Synthetic data and human models of arbitrary complexity are powered by a growing dataset of raw 3D scans and proprietary registration algorithms mapping 5M points to create an accurate 3D mesh.

Machine Learning and 3D Matching

Thanks to advanced ML and 3D modeling technologies, we build unique and accurate 3D models of scanned customers based on detected landmarks.
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