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AI and 3D technologies are driving seismic shifts in how we shop

3X Profit Growth

Retailers that use AI technologies to drive operational efficiency and elevate customer engagement see over 2X sales growth and 3X profit growth.

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E-commerce Growth

E-commerce spending is expected to surge past $7 Trillion by 2025 paving the way for businesses to capture new users and drive repeat purchase with Advanced AI and 3D solutions.

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$275 Billion

AI is set to inject $150B to $275B of profits into apparel fashion and luxury sectors over the next three to five years promising greater inclusivity, sustainability, and creativity.

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Join the 3DLOOK Partner Ecosystem, where we prioritize collaboration over competition, aiming to disrupt the market and deliver unparalleled value. Our commitment is to revolutionize AI-powered retail and fashion, focusing on substantial benefits for apparel brands and their customers. Together, we will enhance the customer journey and redefine consumer value, driving innovation across the industry. Connect with us to be a part of this transformative collaboration, aimed at creating a significant, industry-wide impact.

Vadim Rogovskiy

CEO & Co-Founder

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Our ecosystem of partners

At 3DLOOK, we’re redefining Al-powered commerce and transforming digital retail and apparel manufacturing innovation. Our partner ecosystem boosts virtual try-ons, 3D customization, outfitting, sales, and predictive analytics.
At the heart of this collaboration is our AI-powered body scanning technology, setting new standards in precision for body measurements, heralding a new era of personalization in fashion.

Retail tech pioneers

  • Mercaux’s In-Store Clienteling and CX Platform empowers retailers to deliver exceptional shopping experiences, both in-store and remotely, to boost sales, loyalty, and profitability.

  • FindMine is a venture-backed technology company that has created an industry-leading content creation engine using machine learning.

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  • VNTANA is a 3D Asset Management platform that enables you to reduce costs and increase speed to market by securely collaborating, sharing, and publishing 3D assets from any software to any platform.

  • Heuritech offers AI-powered insights that leverage market & consumer data to quantify and predict what people wear for the largest apparel companies worldwide.

On-Demand and Automated Manufacturing pioneers

  • The first AI-driven platform revolutionizing custom performance apparel with made-to-measure automation.

  • A single platform to securely collaborate, share, and publish 3D assets, digital twins and simulations from any software to any platform.

  • Tailoor is the first AI-powered 3D phygital platform that enables offering a unique, personalized experience.

  • The world’s first 3D weaving technology for apparel and the key to fashion’s waste problem.

  • Silana built the first sewing robot globally & the solution to fashion’s overproduction problem.

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