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3DLOOK is the global leader in mobile body measuring and fit solutions, creating a game-changing software that encourages engagement, improves inclusivity and supports sustainability in e-commerce.

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Our goal is to make life easier by helping people solve everyday challenges through their mobile devices using body data. Since launching in 2016, we have developed innovative solutions, transformed old-fashioned processes, and delivered meaningful change — and we couldn’t have achieved so much without the dedicated and driven 3DLOOK family!

While 3DLOOK champions individuality, we also believe that like-minded talents and teams deliver astonishing results. We welcome those who share our goals and desires to create, innovate and make the world a better place, to join us on our journey.

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“I have been working at 3DLOOK for almost four years now. The company has provided me with a place to grow professionally in an exciting and trendy domain, 3D mobile body scanning. 3DLOOK has brought together a team of talented and inspired people, passionate about developing innovative products for the fashion industry and wider business world. But we know how to have fun too — and the parties are head-turning!”

Darya Stelmakh
Business Development Manager

our mission

To create the industry-standard solution for human body data capturing and visualization

Our values

Encouraging professional growth — and the benefits to support it

3DLOOK encourages its team members to grow and develop, learn new skills, and achieve ambitious goals. We provide innovators with a place where they can explore new ideas, find solutions to long-standing problems, and shape the future of industries such as fashion and retail.

But changing the world isn’t easy. To keep the 3DLOOK family happy, motivated and secure, we also offer:

A space to lead, grow,

…And have fun😉
Check out our epic 5th anniversary celebration!

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Odessa, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine
San Mateo, USA
Lviv, Ukraine

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