3DLOOK has been certified as a standard in mobile body scanning by IEEE, the world’s largest global standards organization to advance innovation.

How it works


1Body segmentation from 2 photos

Our technology extracts key body landmarks from a customer’s photos and creates a 3D body model from which we extract 86 measurements. We extract important features of the user’s body, such as body contour, body shape, and position, detect specific body parts (head, neck, shoulders, forearms, and ankles) and capture the details of the user’s appearance, such as haircut and skin tone.

23D Model processing and measurements extraction

Key body landmarks from the photos are processed to create a 3D model. The 3D model allows us to capture key body shape characteristics when producing a size recommendation and allows us to suggest a larger or smaller size, depending on the product’s fit intent. The 3D model generation pipeline is so robust that it will even work for shoppers with older smartphone cameras.

3Size and fit recommendations

We use various data sets to produce accurate size and fit recommendations. We start by collecting brand-specific fit standard data, including core body measurements (fit form, avatar, live models) and grading rules. Then we analyze season or collection-specific tech packs to understand the fit intent of each style. Our size recommendation algorithms map this data to a customer’s body data and fit preference to produce the optimal recommended size.

4Virtual Try-on

Our algorithms generate a geometrically correct virtual try-on that alters the shape of the body. In addition to 3D body mesh enhancements and body tracking, a new cloth simulation machine learning algorithm recreates the texture of fabrics. The semantic generation module modifies the person’s segmentation map to identify the area on the body that should be covered with the target clothes and warps the clothing mask accordingly.

5Body data analytics

Our technology utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze individual body measurements and shapes, offering personalized sizing recommendations. By accurately determining the right fit for each unique body type, AI body shape detection significantly mitigates the issue of ill-fitting garments, a common cause of returns in online shopping. Consequently, this advancement not only enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring a better fit but also reduces the frequency of returns, benefiting both consumers and retailers in terms of convenience and cost-efficiency.


Our platform superpowers

Mini-app technology

(App clips and Instant apps)

Lightweight and fast way for the user to complete the experience without having to download an app

Real-time validation

Real-time tracking and ML-powered validation of the scanning process

Edge computing

Landmark detection and background segmentation are held on the consumers’ devices, significantly decreasing processing time

Automated garment

Our technology automatically extracts data from product pages and labels landmark points on clothing. Textures are adjusted to a fit model, ensuring your products are ready for the try-on

Natural and
realistic try-on

Body proportions are preserved, products tones are adjusted to the photo, even the customer’s natural hair is reconstructed to provide a virtual try-on experience equivalent to looking into a mirror

Out-of-the-box integration

and other platforms (via API)

Native integration with Shopify and other platforms allows us to automatically pull the catalog information and map the fit information with individual SKUs

Key tech pillars of our solution

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Computer Vision & Deep Learning

We use computer vision and deep learning to analyze the photos from which we acquire and process the body measurements and specific body shape data. Our advanced computer vision algorithms detect the dressed human body on photos taken with any smartphone on any background. Neural networks determine landmarks and produce a set of probability maps.

Proprietary Statistical Modeling

We use proprietary statistical modeling to generate human models of arbitrary complexities. We have a full pipeline here that goes from registering raw scans. The dataset of the raw scans is consistently growing due to our scanning lab. We also use our statistical modeling to generate synthetic data.

Machine Learning & 3D Matching

We use machine learning & 3D matching to build a unique 3D model of each scanned customer based on detected landmarks allowing us to accurately obtain human body measurements.


Major core technology advancements

Recently, we made significant improvements in the modeling of all bodies with a particular focus on overweight and obese type body shapes achieving the highest precision of accuracy and a new level of inclusivity in sizing.

Computer vision algorithms:

  • New contour landmark networks
  • Doubled the resolution of the body contour on the front and side photo

3D human body reconstruction improvements:

  • More accurate and expressive body model reconstruction algorithm
  • Improved fitting pipeline: Better human body reconstruction, ability to fit head, feet and arms
  • Updated Human Statistical model: Ability to produce even more realistic human bodies.

Improved body measurement algorithms: accuracy and precision:

  • New volume based benchmarking approach using our increased synthetic data set
  • More consistent vertices

Body scanning lab 'Scan Me'

3DLOOK created its own body scanning lab called ‘Scan Me’ to study the human body aiming and provide the most comprehensive set of unique body data points to fashion brands and retailers.


Why is our body scanning lab so special?

3DLOOK created its own body scanning lab called ‘Scan Me’ to study the human body aiming and provide the most comprehensive set of unique body data points to fashion brands and retailers.


The scanner has 4 dynamic cameras and combines more than 5 million points into a complete, highly accurate 3D model while delivering results quickly and using minimal resources. At the same time, it preserves edges, shades, and textures and realistically transmits facial expression, hair, and clothes.


We control processes inside the lab through the special in-house widget with a built-in data validation system that checks each step for inaccuracies. Therefore, we obtain the most accurate data of the person with minimized error.

Our own independent technology stack

Our team has built our own independent technology stack for creating parametric models of the human body and reconstruction from photographs.
Our technologies and expertise cover a wide range of approaches: from 3D point cloud scans registration and parametric human body modeling to mobile-first neural networks for edge processing and virtual try-on algorithms.

As a result, our solutions capture accurate body measurements and produce realistic 3d models and virtual try-ons.

3d Model Gif

Integration Options

(Yourfit solution)

Simple integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus via a widget or API. Effortlessly connect your brand with YourFit and enable a wealth of tools and features!

Integration gif desktop

Security and compliance at the core

GDPR Compliant

We have incorporated GDPR standards into data practices to make sure our customers are secured, both in the EU or US feel secure when using 3DLOOK’s solutions.


We use SSL encryption to maintain the highest security and data protection standards. We regularly verify our security certificates and encryption algorithms to keep your data safe.

End-to-end encryption

We encrypt every photo and relevant file metadata with unique randomly generated encryption keys using end-to-end encryption. These keys are never sent to our servers in an unencrypted format. Accessing files is only possible with a user’s unique decryption key.

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