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A man is being scanned by a mobile device to create a digital 3D model of his body, with measurements displayed on the screen for the MT Redesign 2024.
3DLOOK has been certified as a standard in mobile body scanning by IEEE, the world’s largest global standards organization to advance innovation.

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Transforming Measurement Challenges into Opportunities for Growth and Innovation

Addressing the challenges of time, inconsistencies, and alteration costs associated with manual body measurement, our AI-powered solution streamlines the process by delivering accurate and consistent 3D models and over 80 body measurements quickly and remotely.

Two models in white suits and black accessories posing with a futuristic backdrop, showcasing the MT Redesign 2024.
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We serve a wide range of businesses dedicated to delivering the best fit.

Logo of gorski featuring a snowflake above the brand name, with 'montreal' written below. MT Redesign 2024.Baynes & Baker logo with intertwined b's in a monochrome design, MT Redesign 2024.Lanieri Italia" logo in black on a white background, featuring the "MT Redesign 2024".
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For luxury made to measure brands

The image displays the logo of MT Redesign 2024, which consists of the company's name in uppercase letters with a bold and modern typeface.The image displays the logo for 'vega', depicted in a simple black font on a white background, accompanied by what appears to be a red graphical element or icon to the right of the text,Logo redesigned with the word "tailoor" in a simple black font on a white background for MT 2024.Black and white logo with stylized 'slq' lettering for the MT Redesign 2024.MT Redesign of the Balodana logo for 2024.Logo of MT Redesign 2024 chew incubator with stylized text design.
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For on-demand manufacturing

The image displays the word "reformation" related to the 2024 MT Redesign in a simple, sans-serif typeface.
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For ready-to-wear businesses

Black and white logo reading "the modern groom, MT Redesign 2024.Les aimants new york" brand logo in a simple black and white color scheme, featuring the MT Redesign 2024.Company logo for "Jim's Formal Wear" featuring stylized letters, a bow tie icon, and incorporating elements from the 2024 MT Redesign.Logo of Oscar de la Renta, a luxury fashion brand, featuring the 2024 redesign.Black and white logo for 'MT Redesign 2024' featuring a crown above a stylized MT monogram.
A woman in an elegant white dress posing beside a plant indoors, showcasing the MT Redesign 2024 elegance.

For bridal and tuxedo businesses

SEO-optimized logo of redthread, featuring a stylized "r" within a circle to the left of the brand name following its 2024 MT Redesign.Black and white image displaying the word "TUNICA" in uppercase letters, optimized with SEO keywords.Black text on a white background that reads "Freddy Feed 2024.2024 redesign of the black and white logo of Louis Copeland and Sons.
Woman in a white hat and open-back outfit, featuring the MT Redesign 2024 look, is looking over her shoulder.

For custom apparel companies

Safariland brand logo with stylized "s" and brand name in red and black colors, featuring an MT Redesign 2024 update.Unisync logo with MT Redesign 2024 orange and gray text on a white background.A black and white graphic with text that reads "the scrub life - up your scrub game today! MT Redesign 2024.Logo of Lakeland featuring a stylized wheat icon, redesigned for 2024.
A healthcare professional wearing dark scrubs and a stethoscope stands confidently as part of the MT Redesign 2024.

For uniform manufacturers

Intelligent technology made simple

Start benefitting from a smart digital body measurement solution right away. No setup or integraton required.


1 Integrate our ‘Get Measured’ widget on your website

For online stores, integrate our ‘Get Measured’ widget to drive conversion and lead generation and instantly receive shoppers measurements.

Generate a QR code

Generate a QR code right from your admin panel for quick and easy in store scanning.

Send a measurement link via SMS or email

Email and SMS options can be sent directly through your admin panel making it fast and easy to get measurements from your clients anytime, anywhere. Our customization features allow you to personalize your messaging.

2 Quick scanning process

On their end it’s like a miniature photo shoot: simple voice instructions and a gyroscope instantly guide them through a quick front and side photo process.

3 Get instant results

In under 60 seconds, our AI generates a precise 3D model and over 85 measurements with accuracy higher and more consistent than manual measurements from expert tailors.

Business benefits you can achieve with Mobile Tailor:

Decrease in returns (up to 20%)

Business expansion beyond local area

Personalized and enhanced customer experience

Reduction of remakes (up to 90%) 

Reduction of alteration costs (up to 50%)

Efficient manufacturing (automation of scan to pattern increases efficiency of up to 99%)

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Boost your business with quick, accurate scans...anytime, anywhere. Drive conversion for today’s digitally savvy consumers.

E-commerce Growth

Elevate e-commerce growth and lead generation, expand global reach.

Appointment Scheduling

Book appointments using scanning links allowing clients to measure at home, maximizing in-store sales focus.

In-store Measuring

Dedicate more time to sales excellence with with faster in-store measuring capabilities

Customer support

Answer fit queries with a single scan — and let precision speak louder than words.

A collage of four happy people wearing winter clothing, likely at a ski resort, showcasing the MT Redesign 2024.

“It came down to customer experience. It’s a conversion metric. We can sell more jackets online because people don’t have to measure themselves”.

Person in a turquoise jacket adjusting their hair, showcasing the latest in MT Redesign 2024.

Cheryl LeBaar

Co-founder, COO

Frequently asked questions

General questions

What sets 3DLOOK's scanning technology apart from other solutions?

Our Mobile Body Scanning technology is the result of eight years of development by world-class experts in AI, computer vision, 3D, and apparel fitting. Our in-house 3D scanning lab enables us to generate synthetic data for training and testing our algorithms on a diverse range of body shapes. With over 80 long-term customers, including some of the world’s largest fashion brands and e-commerce companies, we have established a reputation for consistent and accurate measurements. Our technology, including our mobile 3D body scanner for tailoring, is uniquely capable of serving a variety of industries, including uniform companies, made-to-measure menswear and womenswear, bridal, rental, formalwear, and more.

How does Mobile Tailor work?

The Mobile Tailor admin panel lets businesses share a scanning link via email or SMS with their customers from their Mobile Tailor Admin Panel. E-commerce companies can also embed a Measurement widget anywhere on their site or product pages. In either case, the scanning link quickly guides a user through a simple front and side photo capture process. Their measurements will immediately be visible in the business’ Mobile Tailor Admin panel.

How do you address privacy?

Your privacy is our priority. Photos are solely used for generating 3D models and measurements. Should you wish to delete any photos, simply send a deletion request to Your data is in secure hands.

What value can Mobile Tailor bring to our business?

Mobile Tailor boosts revenue by cutting down on manual measurements, letting businesses concentrate on customer service and growth. It assists Client Success Teams in delivering customized fit advice and enriching customer 360 with precise body data. As a plus, it enhances appointment scheduling, promoting pre-purchase engagement and increasing sales time.

Scanning questions

Are there specific clothing requirements?

Mobile Tailor works best when users wear tight-fitted bottoms (ie, leggings) and tops (ie, tight tee shirt, tank top, sports bra).

How long does it take to scan?

Scanning is a breeze — completed in under 3 minutes. The moment a scan is done, measurements appear instantly in your admin panel. Fast and efficient, just like your business needs to be.

What if the user is alone? How do they scan?

We offer two options for customers to scan themselves: ‘With a friend’ mode, where another person can take the scan, or ‘Hands-free’ mode, where our voice control guides the user through a quick scan by themselves, using a desk-high table to angle the phone making the process quick and easy.

How does my customer scan themselves?

Depending on your plan, your customer will receive an SMS or email with a measurement link, or access the link by tapping on the measurement widget on your website. They will open the link through a smartphone browser and follow the instructions to scan by taking two photos – one from the front and one from the side. They can ask a friend to help or use the voice-controlled table flow. Feel free to watch our demo.

Product questions

Do you have an option for our customers to upload existing photos?

No, to ensure the highest level of accuracy, we require using our scanning link which incorporates a gyroscope for optimal angle control. This ensures you receive the most precise measurements.

Our AI-powered tool generates a 3D body model with measurements, capturing high-resolution and accurate body shape and size. This ensures you receive the most precise measurements.

Do I need to integrate Mobile Tailor with my business backend to use it?

No. Mobile Tailor is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that requires no integration. Once you select a plan, you can begin using Mobile Tailor immediately. Some plans do include an API making it easy for businesses to connect to their internal systems if needed.

Can users check their measurements?

Sure. We provide all user measurements directly in your Mobile Tailor dashboard upon scan completion. Should you wish to share these measurements with the user, you can enable the ‘User Measurements’ option in your admin panel under Widget Settings -> Final Screen.