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We serve businesses that value customer time and comfort.

Mobile Tailor drives results for dozens of brands across various niches:

For luxury made to measure brands

For ready-to-wear businesses

For custom apparel companies

For on-demand manufacturing

For bridal and tuxedo businesses

For uniform manufacturers

For custom specialty apparel

Two men in suits standing next to each other, getting their measurements taken by a Mobile Tailor using an AI-Powered body measuring solution.
An AI-powered mobile tailor is capturing body measurements of a woman posing in a green dress.
An AI-Powered woman in a black suit sits on a chair.
An AI-Powered mobile tailor expertly takes body measurements for a woman in a white dress.
A man and woman posing for a photo in a white tuxedo with an AI-Powered body measuring solution.
An image of a woman wearing headphones and holding a tablet.
An AI-Powered woman is standing in the snow, wearing a ski jacket and goggles.
Two men in suits standing next to each other, getting their measurements taken by a Mobile Tailor using an AI-Powered body measuring solution.

Intelligent technology made simple

Start benefitting from a smart digital body measurement solution right away. No setup, integration, or app download required.

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Business benefits you can achieve with Mobile Tailor:

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An AI-Powered black and white image of a woman in a dress.
mobile tailor digital body measurements 3d body scanning

Unlock your pocket-sized fitting room.

Mobile Tailor will take care of every touchpoint of your customer journey.

Remote services.

Go from local to global with digital measuring.

E-commerce growth.

Transform customer friction into WOW moments with interactive body scanning.

Appointment scheduling.

Pre-measure at home, enjoy time in store with maximized service and sales delight.

In-store measuring.

Dedicate more time to sales excellence with quick 5-minute measurements.

Customer support.

Answer fit queries with a single scan — and let precision speak louder than words.

MADE Apparel success story AI-powered body scanning technology

“It came down to customer experience. It’s a conversion metric. We can sell more jackets online because people don’t have to measure themselves”.

A woman in teal jacket and glasses, utilizing AI-Powered Body Measuring technology.

Cheryl LeBaar,

Co-founder and COO at MADE

Why it matters

Fit makes or breaks
fashion purchases.

High returns, frequent remakes, and sizes discrepancies are all costly mistakes to make.
With customers’ access to an easy-to-use app for tailor measurements, they can get measured anywhere.

Perfect fit drives customer loyalty and sales, leading to greater profits.

You've got a lot in your hands.

Meeting customer demands, managing inventory, handling tight timelines and ensuring a high-level customer experience are all time-consuming tasks.


In many cases, little time is left for tacking improvements or growth opportunities.

Resolved issues:

  • High remake rates
  • Accuracy issues
  • Size inconsistencies
  • Excessive manual work
  • Low customer confidence
  • Lack of data for smart decison-making

Customers expect personalization.

Indulge shoppers with the high precision of a personalized fit thanks to the 3D body scanner for tailoring. Finding the perfect size is a matter of seconds.


Watch customer delight impact your business.

Shoppers are increasingly tech-savvy.


The gap between consumer and brand is widening due to the lack of alignment between online and in-store shopping experiences.

Embrace an intuitive measurement app for clothing that satisfies both customers and tailors.

Achievable results:

  • Growth in conversions
  • CLV improvements
  • Boost in repeat purchases
  • Strong loyalty
  • Brand advocacy
  • Sustainability goals


What sets 3DLOOK's scanning technology apart from other solutions?

Seven years of cutting-edge AI research, a dedicated 3D lab, and trust from 100+ global brands. We don’t just scan; we revolutionize how industries measure, from fashion to uniforms to health and fitness. Plus, we’re IEEE-certified as the gold standard in mobile body scanning. Accurate, versatile, unmatched—that’s 3DLOOK.

What value can Mobile Tailor bring to our business?

Mobile Tailor is a revenue accelerator. By automating measurements, it frees up your team to focus on customer engagement and growth. It empowers your Client Success Teams to offer personalized fit advice and enriches your customer data. Plus, it optimizes appointment scheduling, driving pre-purchase engagement and maximizing sales opportunities.

How does Mobile Tailor work?

The entire process is intuitive and easy. Businesses can share a custom scanning link across any of their sales, marketing, and customer support channels or embed a Measurement widget on their website. The link quickly guides a user through a simple front and side photo capture process, and their measurements are immediately visible in the business’ Mobile Tailor admin panel.

Do I need to integrate Mobile Tailor with my backend?

No, integration is optional. Mobile Tailor is a standalone SaaS solution, ready to use the moment you choose a plan. Experience immediate value without the need for backend adjustments. Still, if you seek more advanced automation of your business operations — Mobile Tailor is easy to integrate with any other solution via API or SDK.

Are there specific clothing requirements?

Mobile Tailor works best when users wear tight-fitted bottoms (ie, leggings) and tops (ie, tight tee shirt, tank top, sports bra).

How long does it take to scan?

Scanning is a breeze — completed in under 3 minutes. The moment a scan is done, measurements appear instantly in your admin panel. Fast and efficient, just like your business needs to be.

How do you address privacy?

Your privacy is our priority. Photos are solely used for generating 3D models and measurements. Should you wish to delete any photos, simply send a deletion request to Your data is in secure hands.

What if the user is alone? How do they scan?

No problem at all. Mobile Tailor offers two convenient modes: “With a Friend’ and “Hands-Free Scan”. Our voice control guides you through a solo scan, using a desk-high surface to angle your phone. Either way, the process is quick, easy, and designed to suit your needs.

Can our customers upload existing photos?

No, to ensure the highest level of accuracy, we require using our scanning link which incorporates a gyroscope for optimal angle control. This ensures you receive the most precise measurements.

Our AI-powered tool generates a 3D body model with measurements, capturing high-resolution and accurate body shape and size. This ensures you receive the most precise measurements.

Can users check their measurements?

Sure. We provide all user measurements directly in your Mobile Tailor dashboard upon scan completion. Should you wish to share these measurements with the user, you can enable the ‘User Measurements’ option in your admin panel under Widget Settings -> Final Screen.