The Safariland Group, a bastion of life-saving equipment for first responders, has stood by its creed, “Together, We Save Lives®,” for over 55 years. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation has led to XpertFit powered by 3DLOOK. This revolutionary fitting system uses 3DLOOK’s patented AI-powered mobile body scanning technology to offer a more consistent, accurate, and efficient method to capture the body measurements needed to produce perfectly fitted body armor.

The Challenge

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Appropriate coverage is paramount in protective gear, and reliance on manual measurements has shown wide variations depending on who is measuring their experience level and the product, which leads to sizing discrepancies and operational inefficiencies. Measuring events are resource-heavy, turnout can be less than ideal, and garment modifications are costly and time-consuming.

3DLOOK’s AI Mobile Body Scanning: Ensuring Fit, Saving Time

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XpertFit by 3DLOOK was introduced as a digital conduit to overcome these obstacles, revolutionizing the way Safariland approached body armor fitting:

  • Digital Transition: Transitioning from a manual to a digital measurement system, XpertFit was launched in the U.S. XpertFit is already being tested in other regions in preparation for a much broader release.
  • Remote Efficiency: XpertFit’s remote measurement capabilities provide the opportunity to minimize the need for extensive sales rep travel, with some reps previously driving up to 5 hours for appointments.
  • Repeatability & Consistency: XpertFit has brought a predictable repeatable standard in measurement consistency for a wide variety of body types across males and females.
  • Ease of Use:  XpertFit brings a simple easy to use solution which reduces the previously long training process which often varied based on experience.  XpertFit has virtually eliminated the experience component of the manual measurement process.

Quantifiable Impact: The impact of XpertFit on operational efficiency is striking

  1. Time-Saving Metrics: With XpertFit, the time spent on manual measurements has been drastically reduced. What used to be at times hours of travel and appointment handling is now accomplished with a few clicks.
  2. Improved Show-Up Rates: By eliminating geographical constraints, scheduled remote measurement now results in a successful fitting without the burden of travel.
  3. Virtually No Returns: Over 3,800 armor sets have been delivered to date using the production solution, reflecting the superior fit accuracy of XpertFit with an exceptionally low return rate.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: The tech-forward, secure, and private solution has resonated well with Safariland’s discerning clientele.  Scheduling is simpler.  No need to call-in personnel off-shift to accommodate sizing while delivering consistency to ensure adequate coverage.
  5. Engagement with Tech-Savvy End Wearers: Younger, digital-first consumers are particularly enthusiastic about XpertFit, valuing the innovative and user-friendly approach to precision fitting.
  6. Precision Trending Reduces Waste: XpertFit’s superior accuracy outpaces manual measurements and shows material waste reduction from getting the right fit, aligning efficiency with sustainability.

Looking Forward: The Efficiency Horizon

While the full spectrum of XpertFit’s benefits is still unfolding, the initial outcomes are promising. There is an anticipatory buzz about the positive ripple effects on sizing consistency resulting in efficiencies as the solution becomes more entrenched in Safariland’s processes.


“XpertFit has validated our expectations of delivering the right fit for each wearer.  The right fit is not only important in ensuring optimum protection, but also in delivering a comfortable product to wear.  The ease and consistency we have been able to achieve has significantly streamlined the sizing and delivery process.  We will continue to innovate XpertFit and are already working on adding more products to the platform that will take advantage of this advanced technology.”

Joseph Smith, VP, Product & Technology Integration

Final Thoughts

The Safariland Group’s leap into the future with XpertFit isn’t just about embracing new technology—it’s about enhancing a legacy where precision and efficiency are non-negotiable. XpertFit is not only redefining the standards of body armor fitting but also solidifying The Safariland Group’s unwavering promise: Together, We Save Lives®.

Start a 7-day trial today and see the remarkable difference in efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

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