While scales can show weight loss, they cannot differentiate between fat loss and muscle gain. Body scanning, however, can distinguish these changes and provide a more complete and personalized picture of health and well-being. This technology empowers individuals with detailed insights into their bodies, like precise girth measurement, total body fat percentage, and Body Mass Index (BMI), enabling them to make informed decisions about their health and fitness strategies.

The weight loss journey is a personal and often challenging endeavor, but technology has been a transformative breakthrough in this field. Over the years, we’ve witnessed an incredible evolution in the tools available to assist individuals in their weight loss journey. 

People used to rely on simple pedometers and food diaries. Today we have smart scales, mobile apps, and AI-powered tools among others that provide comprehensive support if we want to shed pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All these sophisticated solutions offer a convenient way to log meals, track calories, and monitor exercise from the palm of one’s hand. Tools using AI and machine learning can predict user behavior, suggest meal plans, and adjust fitness routines based on individual progress and not generic, all-round recommendations. Today’s fitness apps and platforms merge tech insights with real-time feedback, focusing on personalized experiences.

One such example is FitXpress by 3DLOOK. The innovative solution leverages advanced body scanning technology and offers precise body measurements and personalized fitness details. FitXpress users get an accurate understanding of their body composition, including metabolic rate calculation and obesity analysis (BMI).

Moreover, FitXpress and other apps that use full body scan technology for weight loss have proven to be highly effective instruments for combating obesity and increasing physical activity. Numerous research studies indicate that behavior-change strategies like self-monitoring and goal-setting employed by fitness devices are among the key elements that lead to improved health.

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Here’s an insightful guide on the way fitness and wellness apps merge the worlds of advanced technology and comprehensive body composition analysis.

Why Accurate Body Composition Tracking Has a Key Role in Weight Loss

Over the last few years, more and more people have become interested in body composition tracking, driven by the rising awareness of the importance of holistic health over mere weight management. Unlike traditional methods that focus solely on weight, a body composition scanner offers a detailed analysis of the percentages of fat, muscle, bone, and water in the body.  For instance, tracking fat and muscle percentages can help identify hidden risks of conditions like sarcopenia (muscle loss) and visceral fat accumulation, which aren’t apparent from weight alone.

The trend of instant and accurate measurements is also being driven by the fitness industry’s focus on data-driven decision-making. Fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike are leveraging body composition data to tailor workout programs and nutrition plans more effectively. Health professionals use this data to design specific interventions that address the unique needs of each individual. For example, a person with a higher body fat percentage might receive a different dietary and exercise plan compared to someone with a higher muscle mass. This tailored approach is more effective than one-size-fits-all recommendations. 

Yet, body composition tracking is also critical for the general population seeking to improve their overall health and well-being. If they focus on improving muscle mass and reducing fat percentage, individuals can enhance their metabolic health, boost their immune system, and improve overall physical functionality.

A 2023 study highlighted that participants who used body composition tracking as part of their weight loss program lost more body fat than those who didn’t. Additionally, body composition tracking can motivate individuals by providing tangible proof of progress beyond the numbers on a scale. 

Seeing improvements in muscle mass or reductions in body fat can be more encouraging and leads to sustained lifestyle changes.

A person in a black sports bra holding a smartphone featuring a fitness progress app that uses body scanning technology for displaying body measurements and future weight loss estimations.

The Shift in Weight Loss Management

Apart from different types of workouts, people have always been interested in making their efforts to lose weight as easy as possible and this is where weight loss medication plays a crucial role. The latest discovery that has surged in popularity as an effective weight loss agent is GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) receptors.

These medications mimic the hormone GLP-1, which plays a crucial role in regulating insulin, and blood glucose levels, and promoting feelings of fullness. Their proven efficacy in blood glucose control and weight management, coupled with a relatively mild side effect profile, makes them highly attractive for diabetes treatment.

However, the rising demand for GLP-1 medications has sparked some concerns as they suggest a potential for overuse. Also, while GLP-1 drugs lead to significant weight loss for many patients, outcomes can vary greatly due to individual differences in dosage, adherence, and lifestyle. 

Healthcare providers emphasize the importance of maintaining realistic expectations, as some individuals may experience minimal weight loss, while others may achieve reductions of over 20% in body weight.

Using a 3D Body Composition Scanner

Whether deciding to use weight loss medication or not, people interested in precise progress tracking on their weight loss, muscle gain, or overall fitness improvement can rely on a solution like FitXpress. 

FitXpress analyzes the 3D model, providing detailed insights into the user’s muscle mass, fat percentage, and other body composition metrics. The app that uses FitXpress technology might create personalized workout plans that cater specifically to the user’s unique body composition. This tailored approach is designed to support the maintenance of muscle mass while promoting fat loss.

FitXpress 3D Body Scans – The Solution for Tracking Weight Loss Progress

FitXpress revolutionizes body scanning with its AI-driven technology, creating precise 3D models and over 80 body measurements using just two smartphone photos. 

Unlike traditional methods, FitXpress provides highly accurate body measurements, helping users track progress with high precision. Additionally, the detailed body data allows the creation of customized fitness plans tailored to individual body types and fitness goals.

Users can visualize their progress over time through the 3D model, enhancing motivation and adherence to fitness routines.

Using the detailed 3D body model and the measurements it generates, FitXpress delivers real-time insights into BMI, BMR, fat percentage, lean body mass, and fat body mass.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • BMI (Body Mass Index) scan – combines a user’s weight and height to provide an overall indicator of body fatness, offering a quick snapshot of the user’s health.
  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) – monitors changes in the basal metabolic rate in real-time, adjusting as users’ body weight fluctuates to show how many calories they burn at rest.
  • Fat percentage – details the ratio of fat to people’s total body weight, giving them a deeper understanding of their body’s composition and helping them track changes over time.
  • Lean body mass – represents the weight of everything in a human’s body excluding fat, this metric covers muscle, bones, and organs, essential for understanding a person’s overall health and fitness.
  • Fat body mass – this specific measurement focuses on the weight of the body fat, providing valuable insights into fat distribution and its implications for a person’s health.

Integrating BMI Scanner into Other Fitness and Health Tech Apps

Fitness professionals and organizations can also integrate FitXpress into their daily business activities, addressing both consumer needs and professional requirements.

FitXpress can link with mobile apps and web platforms using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and SDKs (Software Development Kits). Any fitness mobile app or web platform can use FitXpress’s functionalities, including the option to generate precise 3D models and body measurements and real-time metrics like BMI, BMR, fat percentage, lean body mass, and fat body mass. This way, other fitness and wellness companies can seamlessly incorporate advanced health and fitness features into their products without building everything from scratch.

All these are available through a white-label experience that allows each company to deliver a fitness program or service under their brand. With FitXpress, businesses can provide personalized services at a fraction of the cost of developing a custom-built app. They can incorporate their logo, use custom notifications, and other elements that reflect their brand identity.

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Comparing FitXpress Body Composition Analysis with DexaFit and Other Methods

In terms of fitness and health assessments, DexaFit and FitXpress emerge as two distinct approaches to achieving the same goal: providing accurate body composition analysis. 

A premier provider of cutting-edge health assessments, DexaFit is one of the market leaders in accurate body composition analysis. Using advanced XR technology, DexaFit’s scans deliver highly accurate assessments of fat mass, lean muscle mass, and bone mineral density, granting a comprehensive understanding of your body’s makeup.

However, even if they use low levels of X-ray radiation to capture detailed images of bone density and body composition, DEXA scans pose some risks associated with exposure to ionizing radiation, particularly for pregnant women and those with certain medical conditions. Additionally, sessions at DexaFit centers typically require appointments and travel to dedicated facilities equipped with specialized scanning equipment. While the process itself is quick, the logistics involved may be inconvenient for individuals with busy schedules or those living in remote areas without nearby DexaFit locations.

By contrast, FitXpress offers a mobile body scanning solution that’s more cost-efficient and less invasive. Using photo-based advanced AI scanning technology, FitXpress eliminates exposure to radiation entirely. Instead, it relies on computer vision algorithms to analyze photographs, ensuring a safe and non-invasive assessment process. This approach appeals to individuals concerned about radiation exposure or those seeking a safer and easier alternative to traditional scanning methods.

As a mobile solution, FitXpress often boasts lower costs than DexaFit. Prices are more affordable, making regular body composition monitoring accessible to a broader audience anytime, anywhere.

Success Stories – What Customers Say About FitXpress Solution

If you want to discover the incredible successes and personal achievements made possible through our innovative solution, check the examples below:

The Safariland Group has used FitXpress in body armor fitting. FitXpress’s body scanning technology has transformed the company’s process, making it more efficient and accurate. Here’s exactly how:

  • They transitioned from a manual to a digital measurement system and launched XpertFit in the U.S., aiming to test it in other regions for a broader release.
  • XpertFit’s remote measurement capabilities have significantly reduced the need for extensive sales rep travel, which previously involved trips of up to five hours for appointments.

The simplicity of XpertFit has streamlined the previously lengthy training process, effectively eliminating the need for extensive experience in the manual measurement process.

3DLOOK’s body scanning technology has also brought about a significant digital transformation in Burlington Medical’s operations, improving accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Burlington Medical also replaced subjective hand measurements with a standardized, consistent process across all measures. They’ve used 3DLOOK’s patented body scanning technology to provide Burlington Medical’s customers with precise body measurements from the comfort of their homes. The process simply requires submitting two pictures and the scanning process is completed in just 30 seconds, so every custom apron is perfectly tailored to the wearer’s body.

Burlington Medical succeeded in enhancing its in-person fittings, operating digitally, and efficiently meeting higher customer demands.

Final Thoughts

The evolution of technology in weight loss has been nothing short of remarkable. It has transformed the landscape, making the process more manageable and less intimidating.

Body scanning technology has revolutionized the way individuals approach weight loss and fitness. Providing detailed and accurate insights into body composition, this technology empowers individuals to create personalized, effective fitness strategies and support wellness goals.

Effective weight loss solutions are easily available to anyone who seeks them. FitXpress is one of these solutions that addresses the needs of both consumers and fitness and wellness platforms. Fitness professionals and businesses that link up FitXpress into their services can enhance their offerings, attract more clients, and retain existing ones through improved engagement.

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