Top Fitness Tech Companies To Watch in 2024

The fitness industry is undergoing a profound transformation, driven by advancements in AI technology. Today, numerous companies utilize AI to help users track their workouts, monitor their health, and achieve their fitness goals with personalized guidance. Discover the top fitness tech companies offering innovative solutions that are reshaping health and wellness.

A person in athletic wear appears within the outline of a smartphone against a vibrant blue and pink background. Text reads "Top Fitness Tech Companies to Watch in 2024" with the 3DLOOK logo above.
A person in athletic wear appears within the outline of a smartphone against a vibrant blue and pink background. Text reads "Top Fitness Tech Companies to Watch in 2024" with the 3DLOOK logo above.
A woman in athletic wear poses against a blue and pink gradient background. The text reads, "3DLOOK: Top Fitness Tech Companies to Watch in 2024.

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Today’s fitness companies use adaptive learning algorithms to customize exercises to individual fitness levels and goals. AI-guided workout is a significant stride in fitness technology as it reduces the burden on users and trainers, allowing for more accurate and effective health monitoring. Apart from personalized workouts and goal tracking, fitness apps also provide nutrition guidance and community support, ensuring each client’s fitness journey is as effective as it is enjoyable.

Today’s fitness companies use adaptive learning algorithms to customize exercises to individual fitness levels and goals. AI-guided workout is a significant stride in fitness technology as it reduces the burden on users and trainers, allowing for more accurate and effective health monitoring. Apart from personalized workouts and goal tracking, fitness apps also provide nutrition guidance and community support, ensuring each client’s fitness journey is as effective as it is enjoyable.

Technology has always been a catalyst for change in any industry, including the fitness sector. From the early days of stationary bikes and treadmills to the recent integration of AI, fitness enthusiasts have been constantly looking for innovative tools to enhance their workout experience and get comprehensive data to track their progress. In 2023 alone, fitness apps counted 368 million users globally.


We’re literally witnessing an ongoing ‘fitness technology boom’ by simply considering the global market for fitness apps which is estimated to reach $34.3 billion by 2027.


But what lies in the unique offerings from today’s fitness software companies is the seamless integration into daily life, making fitness technology products an omnipresent companion in our quest for health and wellness.


As we move further into 2024, here are some of the top tech-advanced fitness apps that are making waves this year, driving further innovation and improvement in health and wellness services.

Top Innovative Health and Fitness Tech Companies in 2024


FitXpress is a gym and fitness tracking app.
A black and white image of a woman doing a yoga pose is perfect for a website homepage.

Its solution, FitXpress, uses AI-powered body scanning technology to elevate health and fitness data tracking. It captures precise 3D body data, unlocking valuable data insights that help enhance customer health and fitness potential.


Key features include smart scales, body shape detection, fat ratio, body proportions, metabolic rate, obesity analysis (BMI), fitness progress, and results benchmarking. All of these help users compare their current proportions with previous scans, observing subtle changes in their body shape over time.


The user experience is simple and quick. Users enter their gender, height, and weight, follow voice instructions to take a front and side photo, and receive their results in under 45 seconds. FitXpress can generate over 72 precise body measurements per user, offering a wealth of insights and improved analytics. 


FitXpress empowers businesses to support consumers in closely monitoring their fitness, wellness, and weight loss journeys.


Additionally, FitXpress enhances customer acquisition, engagement, and retention by visually showcasing a users’ weight loss progress, thereby boosting commitment. FitXpress body data enables the development of new premium features and hyper-personalized experiences, such as tailored workouts, product recommendations, and engagement strategies that improve user satisfaction and retention.


A woman and a man run on treadmills in separate rooms. Text overlay reads "Crush the spring. Own the summer with 2024's latest fitness technology." There are buttons for "Shop Tread" and "Shop Tread+" below the text.

As one of the most popular connected fitness companies, Peloton offers a comprehensive and immersive workout experience, leveraging advanced technology to provide users with personalized fitness solutions. 


Peloton provides workout options such as cycling, running, strength training, yoga, meditation, and more. Users can access live and on-demand classes led by world-class instructors, providing flexibility and variety to suit individual preferences and fitness goals.


What fitness enthusiasts enjoy most about Peloton is its top-tier trainers, many of whom are social media influencers with dedicated fan bases who conduct high-intensity classes.


Moreover, Peloton covers a dedicated business program offering live and on-demand fitness & mindfulness classes and various solutions that support communities, friendly work competitions, team building, and an organizational culture of well-being.


The app integrates with Peloton’s proprietary fitness equipment, like the Peloton Bike, Tread, and Bike+, to provide real-time performance metrics, interactive challenges, and leaderboard rankings during workouts. Yet, it also provides compatibility with various devices, including Amazon Fire, Android, iOS, and Roku, ensuring that customers can exercise anytime wherever they are, without the need for Peloton’s proprietary equipment.


Peloton also supports integration with wearable devices and sensors, allowing users to track biometric data such as heart rate, calories burned, and workout intensity for a more personalized and data-driven approach to fitness. The advanced technology used in the app provides an immersive experience. Real-time performance data allows users to track their progress and stay motivated.


A person holding a smartphone displaying health metrics from one of the Top Fitness Tech Companies, with text "WHAT WHOOP MEASURES" next to the screen.

Combining advanced technology, precise data analysis, and a superior user experience, WHOOP empowers users to optimize their physical performance and health.


At the core of WHOOP’s appeal is its innovative AI-powered approach, anchored by the Whoop 4.0 band, a cutting-edge wearable that boasts a sleek, screen-free design.


The wearable includes a sophisticated strap equipped with precise sensors that continuously monitor a range of biometric data like heart rate variability, sleep patterns, and respiratory rate. It’s engineered to be a subtle companion that continuously monitors a vast array of physiological data. The device captures metrics 100 times per second, offering a granular view of the wearer’s health and fitness levels.


WHOOP also excels in data accuracy, utilizing cutting-edge algorithms to analyze the collected biometric data and offer precise feedback. This level of accuracy ensures that users can trust the information provided, which is crucial for those who rely on data to guide their training and recovery processes.


Despite its advanced capabilities, the Whoop app maintains a focus on user experience. The app’s interface, while sophisticated, presents complex data in an accessible manner, guiding users through their fitness journey with personalized coaching and actionable recommendations.


Activity tracking with Whoop goes beyond mere step counting. It offers a holistic view of the user’s physical exertion, sleep patterns, and recovery needs. The app adjusts its recommendations based on the intensity of workouts and the body’s response, ensuring that users are always primed for peak performance.


A woman performs a workout using a cutting-edge fitness machine with a digital trainer screen in a minimalistic room, showcasing the latest innovation from top fitness tech companies in 2024.

Forme Life is a sophisticated, technology-driven fitness solution dedicated to users who prefer home workouts or want to replicate the gym experience from the comfort of their homes.


The app is designed to work in conjunction with Forme Life’s smart mirror, which acts as both a full-length mirror and an interactive display. This equipment covers advanced sensors and AI capabilities that provide personalized workout recommendations and real-time performance tracking.


The smart mirror, crafted by renowned designer Yves Béhar, is a testament to Forme Life’s commitment to integrating sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology. It uses embedded computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to offer a range of workouts, from strength training to yoga, all within a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing environment that motivates and inspires consistency in fitness routines.


The app allows users to stream video-on-demand classes, participate in live personal training sessions, and monitor their progress. It also provides the ability to update profiles and membership information, ensuring a tailored fitness journey.


A woman exercises on a mat in front of a laptop, showcasing the latest from one of the top fitness tech companies. Text promotes BetterMe Health Coaching with options to download or learn more about effective 2024 workouts and balanced meal plans with cutting-edge fitness technology.

BetterMe is a strong contender in the crowded fitness app market, offering personalized workout plans tailored to individual fitness levels, goals, and preferences. Apart from personalized fitness programs, the app helps users improve workouts like wall pilates, calisthenics (exercises like pushups, crunches, and burpees), and nutrition programs.


Users can choose from diverse workout programs, including strength training, cardio, yoga, and HIIT, to target specific areas of the body and achieve desired results.


BetterMe leverages advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to analyze user data and provide personalized recommendations for workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.


The app integrates with wearable devices and fitness trackers to track activity levels, monitor progress, and sync data seamlessly across devices, providing users with a comprehensive view of their progress. It also integrates smart scales to log key metrics automatically while users can access meal plans, recipes, and calorie-tracking features to support their weight loss or muscle-building goals.


A group of people lies on exercise mats, performing leg lifts in a gym. Text on the left reads 'HELLO THERE. We should get to know each other.' As 2024 approaches, fitness tech companies are revolutionizing workouts like this one, making it easier to stay fit and connected.

SprintFWD forges B2B partnerships, delivering digital transformations and technical solutions for the fitness and wellness market. One of their top products is Xponential Fitness – a digital platform that supports over 2500+ locations. 


The company also creates boutique fitness classes online and on-demand and has come up with a project for Pilates called SKOP – an initiative designed to enhance the traditional Pilates experience through advanced technology and personalized training. Additionally, Sprint FWD integrates a dedicated app for fitness business owners that streamlines operations like real-time financial tracking, inventory management, and customer relationship management, all accessible through an intuitive interface. 


Fitness users have been praising SprintFWD’s comprehensive feature set and its tangible impact on their fitness journeys. Among the app’s standout features is a diverse exercise library that includes cardio, strength training, HIIT, yoga, and more. Plus, SprintFWD covers built-in reminders to help users regularly track their progress.


In terms of used technology, SprintFWD leverages artificial intelligence to analyze user data and provide personalized recommendations for workouts and nutrition.  The app seamlessly integrates with wearable fitness devices and sensors to track activity levels, heart rate, and other biometric data.


The motivational tools within the app, such as achievement badges and social sharing options, keep users engaged and encourage a consistent workout routine.


Since accuracy is paramount in tracking fitness progress, SprintFWD employs cutting-edge sensors and data validation techniques to ensure the information users receive is precise. Whether it’s counting steps, measuring distance, or estimating calories burned, the data reflected in the app is a true representation of customers’ efforts in keeping and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Promotional image for a fitness app in 2024 showing the slogan, "Exercise is great. We make it great, for you." beside three smartphones displaying innovative workout routines and fitness plans from leading Fitness Tech companies.

CoPilot’s approach to fitness is rooted in personalization. The app connects clients with certified fitness coaches who creates personalized workout programs tailored to their needs, including nutrition guidance, all tailored to the individual’s goals.


The technology behind CoPilot allows for easy ongoing communication with a coach through text, video messages, and live calls, ensuring that users have the support they need whenever they need it. CoPilot uses artificial intelligence to analyze user data and provide personalized workout recommendations tailored to individual needs and preferences.


The app seamlessly integrates with wearable fitness trackers and devices like Apple Watch to track activity levels, heart rate, and other biometric data.


The app’s built-in flexibility caters to both home and gym workouts, making it a versatile choice for users regardless of their preferred workout environment. Additionally, CoPilot includes a comprehensive library of exercise demos, which is particularly beneficial for beginners or those looking to perfect their form.


In terms of user experience, the app’s interface is intuitive, allowing users to navigate through various features with ease. Moreover, CoPilot fosters a supportive community where users can connect, share experiences, and motivate each other on their fitness journeys.


A man in a blue shirt looks down while standing next to text promoting EGYM Genius, an AI-powered tool for creating gym training plans. Discover why Fitness Tech Companies have ranked it among their top innovations for 2024. An orange button labeled "About EGYM Genius" is below the text.

EGYM is a fitness company that offers a comprehensive platform, catering to the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts, from weight training to weight loss, or immunity boost. 


The EGYM Fitness App is a beacon of innovation, harnessing the power of the EGYM Cloud to provide a seamless and connected workout experience. It integrates with a multitude of personal apps and devices, allowing users to have a holistic view of their fitness journey. For instance, EGYM uses machine learning and AI to suggest the correct resistance level for a given strength exercise and dynamically adjusts it as the user’s performance changes.


The app’s compatibility with HealthKit ensures that workouts contribute to fitness goals and challenge progress, while the BioAge feature offers insights into one’s health over time.


EGYM Fitness App ensures that users receive precise and reliable data. In terms of tracking fitness progress and goals, EGYM integrates a points system that’s based on scientific research, reflecting the energy expenditure and health benefits of various activities


The company also collaborates with other fitness businesses, helping them improve their services and enhance member experiences. For example, EGYM has strengthened its global partnership with Life Fitness, a renowned leader in commercial fitness equipment. The two companies work to develop new fitness products and solutions.


Strategic Partnerships: EGYM has established strategic alliances with other fitness enterprises to enhance the workout experience. For instance, EGYM has strengthened its global partnership with Life Fitness, a renowned leader in commercial fitness equipment.


Person performing a stretching exercise by a poolside with greenery in the background. The word "CENTR" is displayed prominently over the image, embodying the latest Fitness Technology Trends.

Centr fitness app combines expert-led workouts, nutritious meal plans, and mindfulness exercises, addressing all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Actor Chris Hemsworth as the founder and the brand image of Centr adds an element of credibility and excitement, attracting a broad audience. 


Centr leverages advanced algorithms to tailor fitness programs to individual user needs. It integrates seamlessly with wearable fitness devices to track activity, monitor progress, and adjust recommendations in real-time. 


The app incorporates augmented reality (AR) for instructional videos, providing step-by-step guidance and real-time corrections, making it feel like you have a personal trainer by your side. The app also supports virtual reality (VR) workouts, offering immersive and engaging fitness experiences.


Centr extends its focus beyond workouts by providing personalized nutrition plans developed by expert nutritionists. Users can input their dietary preferences, restrictions, and goals to receive customized meal plans and recipes.


Website homepage for Mindbody, featuring a search bar and location input field. A person is performing a yoga stretch in the background. Navigation options include Fitness, Beauty, and Wellness services. Explore the best in top fitness tech from leading 2024 fitness tech companies.

Mindbody wellness company offers a wide range of benefits that cater to both fitness enthusiasts and wellness professionals, making it a leader in the industry.


Mindbody has built a vast network of wellness providers, ranging from fitness studios and personal trainers to spas and wellness retreats. Thus, Mindbody’s popularity is driven by its all-encompassing approach to wellness. 


For users, the convenience of finding and booking a wide range of wellness services in one place is a major draw. For businesses, Mindbody offers powerful tools and software for managing schedules, payments, and customer relationships


Mindbody also excels in activity tracking, offering detailed logs of user participation in various wellness activities.  The app leverages machine learning to provide personalized recommendations and insights based on user behavior and preferences. Whether it’s tracking attendance in fitness classes, yoga sessions, or wellness appointments, Mindbody provides comprehensive reports and insights. For instance, users can track their attendance, class history, and even set reminders for upcoming appointments or classes.


Overall, the company is committed to innovation and user-centric design, keeping it at the forefront of the wellness industry.


A fitness machine display showing statistics such as starting weight and progress. Text above reads, "Everything you need to reach your goals in 2024.

This San-Francisco-based fitness company offers numerous benefits aimed at transforming home workouts through cutting-edge technology and personalized training. 


Tonal’s smart gym offers over 100 coach-led workouts led by personal trainers, catering to a range of fitness goals from strength building to cardio classes. The app’s high popularity is also due to celebrity endorsements. Famous athletes like LeBron James and Serena Williams have become investors in the company, as well as brand partners.


One of Tonal’s most advanced features is its AI-powered weight adjustments and form correction. This technology ensures that users are performing exercises with the correct form and resistance, minimizing the risk of injury and maximizing the effectiveness of the workout. Additionally, Tonal’s Spotter mode enhances safety by assisting with heavy lifts.


The user experience with Tonal is highly personalized. Upon starting a workout, the device offers a selection of over 170 instructor-led classes. The Smart Accessories bundle, which includes smart handles, a smart bar, a tricep rope, a weight bench, an exercise mat, and a foam roller, further enriches the experience. 


Tonal also includes social features that allow users to connect with friends, join challenges, and share achievements, fostering a supportive, engaging, and loyal community.


In terms of data accuracy, the app tracks progress meticulously, providing users with detailed data that helps them understand their workout performance and mental health improvements over time.


These companies represent just a slice of the innovative solutions available in the fitness technology market. They demonstrate how technology can personalize the fitness experience, making it more accessible and enjoyable for users of all levels. Leveraging AI and machine learning, fitness companies offer options like real-time form correction, varied workout routines, and progress tracking, providing a personalized fitness experience that was once only possible with a human trainer.


Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve cardio, or enhance overall health, these companies along with many others offer innovative solutions to meet your fitness needs. 


Fit-tech companies, including 3DLOOK, will likely evolve further, integrating more advanced features and personalization options to help users achieve their fitness aspirations.

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