Mobile Tailor is here!

3DLOOK launches the first self-service contactless body measuring solution to support made-to-measure businesses


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The ‘Mobile Tailor’ self- service solution built by 3DLOOK helps businesses receive precise body data of their customers remotely. The solution, which does not require any technical expertise to use, generates +65 points of measure from just two photos taken by the customer in under 45 seconds. The measurement data can then be accessed by each business through a personal workspace. For businesses that are using 3D fashion design software, there is also an option to receive the customer’s unique 3D Body Avatar.

The tool enables made-to-measure businesses to fully operate online and create tailor-made clothing items, increase conversion rates, and minimize returns.


’Mobile Tailor’ Workspace

How is the ‘Mobile Tailor’ different?

Unlike other body measuring solutions, ‘Mobile Tailor’ is a self-service tool that runs without any complicated website integrations. Businesses can start using it immediately after the registration, no matter where they are, at home or at the office. The customers’ flow is simple and secure: each customer receives a personal unique measurement link and photos can be made with any smartphone.

Getting precise sizing has always been a pain point for made-to-measure businesses. It’s time-consuming and offers plenty of opportunities for error, which made it hard for businesses to scale. The current pandemic situation has made hands-on manual measuring processes impossible and the issue became vital. That is why we created ‘Mobile Tailor’. We believe that this simple, affordable, and accurate tool will help businesses all over the world not just stay afloat during the pandemic, but scale and thrive afterward.

Vadim Rogovskiy | Co-founder and CEO at 3DLOOK

Why Mobile Tailor is a great fit for your business:

  • Self-service tool, no tech expertise required;
  • +65 points of measure from just 2 photos;
  • Contactless and safe;
  • Simple and intuitive dashboard;
  • 3D avatars;
  • Simple user flow for your customers

Eager to try?

Get in touch to find out how 3DLOOK’s body scanning technology can help your business to start capturing and analyzing valuable segmented body measurement data today

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