Why does your fashion business need a body measuring app?

Fashion businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of digital body measuring, but with many options to choose from, how can businesses decide which solution is best for their business?


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Body measuring tools can solve a variety of pain points for fashion businesses and their customers. Find out which solution is best for your brand and see the positive results 3DLOOK customers have achieved so far.

Body measuring tools can solve a variety of pain points for fashion businesses and their customers. Find out which solution is best for your brand and see the positive results 3DLOOK customers have achieved so far.

How many consumers click away from your store without making a purchase? Of those that do, how many return garments that fail to meet their size, fit or appearance expectations? And how much do you waste each year on oversampling and overproduction, yet still struggle to meet the desires of your customers?


Leading fashion businesses are turning to body measuring technology powered by artificial intelligence to overcome these pain points.


Often in the form of a body measurements app that customers can access through their smartphone, these innovative tools allow customers to capture their body parameters without the assistance of a tailor or tape measure. Likewise, these clothes fitting apps can also provide the data to implement experience-enhancing solutions such as online sizing recommendations and virtual try-on technology.

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Should your fashion business invest in a body measurement app for clothing?

Currently, the average apparel e-commerce conversion rate stands at just 1.8%, meaning that just one in every 50 customers that visits your store completes a purchase. Of those, one in three will be shipped back, with poor fit or style the most common cause for returns.

The long-term benefits delivered by a clothing size app

Using a body measuring app for clothes size, businesses can collect individualized digital body measurements for each customer to deliver personalized experiences such as tailored size recommendations. As a result, customers receive products they love in sizes that suit their body and are far less likely to return unwanted items. Likewise, with a clothes fitting app providing customers with confidence that items will fit, they will be less hesitant when making future purchases.


With the abundance of data that a body measurements app generates, businesses can optimize future product development, planning, and distribution according to the body shapes and sizes of their customer base, and create garments that are less likely to end up on discount racks or in landfill. Customers receive products tailored to their bodies, while businesses enjoy fewer returns and less product waste.

Replacing the human tailor with a body measurements app

However, consumers don’t just want personalized experiences — 41% of consumers also want personalized clothes, with demand only set to grow. Body measuring tools can enable businesses to switch to alternative manufacturing methods, such as on-demand or made-to-measure, where garments are created from scratch or altered to fit each customer’s precise body shape using data collected remotely through an app for body measurements


These manufacturing methods previously limited a business’s reach, but this is no longer an issue. Research by IEEE has recognized a handful of body scanning tools, such as 3DLOOK, can match (and in some instances surpass) the accuracy of measurements captured by a human tailor. Using these tools, businesses can capture accurate measurements remotely, and expand their reach far beyond the local area. 


With an AI fit app to replace the tailor, there is no need for in-person fitting sessions. Not only does this save time and money for those involved, but it also offers a less invasive process that is less likely to deter potential customers.


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Best body measurement app for fashion businesses: Which body measuring solution is the right fit for your brand?

From two photos taken by the customer on their smartphone device, 3DLOOK’s AI-first body scanning technology generates 80+ points of measure, as well as a precise 3D body avatar — all in under a minute and with the accuracy of a professional tailor. With this data, 3DLOOK has developed innovative body measuring applications tailored to the needs of fashion businesses and their customers.

Far more than an app for body measurements, YourFit offers a simple, user-friendly and intuitive fit personalization platform that helps shoppers find the best size clothing for their bodies while also providing an engaging photo-realistic try-on experience.  Offering customers greater convenience and confidence in their online purchases, retailers using this body measuring app for clothing size have seen a 4x increase in conversions, 20% higher AOV, and a drastic reduction in returns.

For made-to-measure businesses, Mobile Tailor enables the remote collection of body data. Brands can send personal measurement links via email or SMS, or collect measurements through their website using a customized widget. Not only does this save the time and cost of manual measuring, but it also ensures safety and avoids subjecting customers to uncomfortable physical fitting sessions. In less than a minute, data is made available to the retailer through an easy-to-use dashboard. Data can be used to create a 3D model of the customer for use within popular design softwares, create and alter garments digitally around the customer’s body, and deliver results that customers love.

Mobile Tailor instantly generates an accurate 3D model and over 80 precise measurements from two photos taken on any smartphone camera.

Mobile Tailor instantly generates an accurate 3D model and over 80 precise measurements from two photos taken on any smartphone camera.

How are fashion businesses utilizing 3DLOOK’s digital body measurements?

A body measuring app for clothing could help your business to overcome long-standing problems and achieve ambitious goals. From industry leaders to up-and-coming brands, a range of fashion businesses have achieved incredible results using 3DLOOK’s technology.

Driving inclusivity and sustainability

Womenswear brand 1822 Denim implemented body measuring technology as part of its commitment to improving inclusivity and sustainability in fashion. The brand wanted to provide a range of products that would fit women of all shapes and sizes through its online store, but needed a remote measuring solution to help customers find their size and minimize returns.


Through 3DLOOK’s YourFit, 1822 Denim customers can now receive personalized size recommendations through a web-based widget by snapping two photos on their smartphone. Some 90% of customers have indicated they felt confident that the recommendations they received were personalized to their unique bodies. The tool has provided customers with the confidence to purchase, and now the brand is reaping the rewards — conversions are up fourfold since implementing the tool, while returns have fallen by 30%

Enhancing the in-store experience

Physical retail is also benefiting from 3DLOOK’s body scanning technology. Omnichannel menswear retailer Tailored Brands implemented YourFit in its physical stores following the easing of COVID-19 lockdown measures. As well as providing a safe and comfortable way to capture customer measurements, the retailer also felt a contactless measuring solution could address other concerns, such as cultural issues. 


Likewise, by turning to technology, the brand was able to combat any challenges that less-experienced associates might have faced when measuring customers. 

With 85% of all measurements accurate within one size of the garment, Tailored Brands customers received a more precise fit with less fuss. In addition, the menswear leader unearthed useful insight into the customers’ body norms to enhance future product development.

Eliminating wasteful production processes

Committed to providing ethically and sustainably-made garments for bodies of all shapes and sizes, slow fashion marketplace MIVE uses an on-demand manufacturing approach, which sees all garments made-to-order according to each customer’s individual body measurements. 


MIVE uses 3DLOOK’s Mobile Tailor solution, which enables it to collect over 80 points of measure from a customer in a matter of minutes. From this, its creators can tailor garments to the individual. Not only is the tool helping MIVE to guarantee sizing satisfaction, but it is also helping to achieve its goals of minimizing emissions and eliminating waste.

Body measuring technology can help your business to achieve its goals too

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best body measuring app for clothing for your business will depend on a number of factors, such as the manufacturing methods you use and the goals you hope to achieve. While a simple clothing size app may suit some stores, others will need a more complex AI fit app solution that provides customers with a greater sense of how their purchase will fit their unique bodies.


What’s certain is that digital body measuring solutions are key to creating a fashion industry that fulfills the needs of both businesses and customers — a reduction in e-commerce return rates, environmentally-friendly manufacturing, and the products and experiences that modern consumers desire.


Contact us to speak with a 3DLOOK expert and find a body measuring solution that fits your fashion business.

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