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Turn shoppers into buyers with the ultimate virtual fitting experience that combines virtual try-on and size recommendation in one simple tap

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Trusted by such brands as


of shoppers report that “visualization on me” prevents them from making a return


Fit, size, or color issues remain the biggest driver of returns


of shoppers state that size recommendation solutions help prevent them from making a return

Increase shopping confidence by giving your customers

the freedom to try on clothes virtually, and instantly know their size

with the unique and innovative YourFit virtual fitting room.

Your body

Your look


No more guessing! YourFit delivers the world’s first virtual fitting room that combines personalized size and product recommendations, and try-on with one simple tap.

Shopping made easy, fun, and personal

A personalized virtual fitting room - from just two photos

Why YourFit


Increased AOV


Higher conversion rate


Decreases in return rate


Higher PDP views and session length

The most engaging and interactive shopping journey

Unlock the virtual fitting room with the only fit personalization platform that combines a precise fit and size recommendation tool with a fun and shareable virtual try-on experience. YourFit is built with new native app technology for improved usability and functionality. Exciting new features include a social sharing tool to share outfits and seek advice, a personalized recommendation carousel, voice assistance, simplified profile creation, and much more!

Helping businesses to achieve their sustainability goals

With an app to try on clothes virtually, customers can checkout with a clear understanding of how a product will look and fit their body, helping them to find clothing they love and keep, and reducing unnecessary emissions caused by returns. Collected body data provides actionable insights for brands to optimize design, product development, inventory planning, and distribution to minimize product waste and surplus stock.

Designed to put privacy and security first

Data privacy and security is built in to YourFit’s online fitting room! Customers can store their results and shop seamlessly across devices, with data protected by 2-way encryption between YourFit and your customers. Photos are processed in real-time on the customer’s device to minimize the transfer of sensitive data over the web and maintain data privacy.

Greater customer confidence that drives conversions

YourFit provides a personalized shopping experience, combining a tailored size recommendation tool and virtual try-on technology. Give customers the confidence to shop, grow brand loyalty, increase conversions, boost AOV and reduce returns with a virtual fitting room powered by precise body data.

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Built with the consumer in mind so she loves and keeps what she buys

YourFit blends five years of experience with feedback from 100+ fashion businesses to offer a unique and innovative user experience that serves brands and their customers.
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A streamlined, user-friendly, and intuitive fit personalization process

Check out the latest women's clothing collection on the YourFit 2.0 website.

step 1

Add a customized button to your product page

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step 2

YourFit guides customers through the measuring process

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step 3

Provide tailored size recommendations and photorealistic try-on

step 1

Customizable extension integrated
on your product page

step 2

YourFit guides customers through a quick scanning process

step 3

Photorealistic virtual try-on
and size recommendation output

Simple integration with your e-commerce platform

Simple integration with Shopify, and standalone e-commerce stores via a widget or API.

Effortlessly connect your brand with the YourFit virtual dressing room to enable a wealth of tools and features


Virtual fitting room implementation timeline

Both size recommendation and try-on can be enabled standalone or as a combined experience


Provide fit model with grading rules or size charts

Accept Shopify Collaborator permissions from YourFit team

Plugin installation

Data processing & mapping


Enable select products or brands for try-on

UAT testing and approval

Congrats 🎉

Open the doors to your virtual fitting room in just 5 weeks!


Provide fit model with grading rules or size charts

Accept Shopify Collaborator permissions from YourFit team

Plugin installation

Data processing & mapping


Enable select products or brands for try-on

UAT testing and approval

Congrats 🎉

Open the doors to your virtual fitting room in just 5 weeks!

customer reviews

Helping fashion businesses achieve their goals

Recognized by customers and industry experts


How accurate are YourFit’s size recommendations?

3DLOOK has spent over six years perfecting its patented technology and employs a world-class team of over 25 full-time engineers and experts in computer vision, machine learning and 3D [to maintain industry-leading results]. Our HQ houses a 3D scanning lab, enabling us to constantly expand our dataset and optimize our machine learning algorithms to provide our customers with the most efficient and accurate scanning technology available.

YourFit is already utilized by numerous leading and innovative retailers and delivering results. With access to a virtual fitting room to find their size and look, customers are not only 16% more likely to complete a purchase, but also 6% less likely to return it.

How long does the measuring and output process take?

From clicking the ‘Find my size’ button to receiving a size recommendation and try-on output, the entire YourFit process takes less than one minute. The customer follows the simple, guided scanning process to take two photos and 3DLOOK’s powerful AI technology swiftly generates the results - in less time than it would take to try on the same item in a physical fitting room.

Are customer photos and data stored?

We do not disclose or share customer images with third parties. Photos (including the results of the virtual garments fitting) are only visible to the customer and they maintain full control over them. The platform also allows users to exercise their deletion rights directly through the interface, enabling customers to delete their personal data at any time. Upon the completion of a deletion request, all records related to the user (including stored photos and virtual try-on results) will be deleted.

What are the integration options?

Currently, YourFit offers seamless integration with Shopify; other platforms and standalone e-commerce stores are integrated via widget or API.

What pricing options are available?

We offer a number of subscription packages depending on the features you want, whether size recommendations only or the complete YourFit solution. Please contact the 3DLOOK team for pricing options and more details. Request a meeting>>

What makes YourFit different from other solutions?

YourFit is the first and only solution to combine size recommendations and virtual try-on based on each customer’s unique body measurements. 

Unique to YourFit, customers receive photorealistic outputs that truly reflect their size, shape, and appearance so they know exactly how an item will look and fit on their body. Once scanned, the customer becomes their own model, allowing them to browse all products and see themselves wearing your apparel throughout your product pages. 

The feature-rich solution also includes a social sharing tool, personalized recommendation carousel and voice assistant, accessible without downloading an app thanks to new native app technology.

While alternative solutions can take months to implement, the YourFit virtual fitting room supports out-of-the-box integration with leading e-commerce platforms, providing access to exciting and engaging shopping experiences in weeks. As well as improved conversion, AOV and return metrics, retailers also gain access to anonymized body data to support future design optimization, product development, inventory planning and distribution.

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