3DLOOK announces partnership with Burlington Medical

This cutting-edge technology supports Burlington’s made-to-measure capabilities without the need for in-person fittings.

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This cutting-edge technology supports Burlington’s made-to-measure capabilities without the need for in-person fittings.

This cutting-edge technology supports Burlington’s made-to-measure capabilities without the need for in-person fittings.

Burlington Medical, engineers of the highest quality and lightest weight radiation protection aprons in the industry, recently partnered with 3DLOOK to offer a touch-free radiation protection garment measuring and fitting experience. 3DLOOK’s patented body scanning technology enables Burlington Medical customers to get precise body measurements remotely with just two photos in under 30 seconds.


“This is an industry first,” says Murry Pitts, chief executive officer of Burlington Medical. “Digital provides a more accurate experience, from measure-to-measure consistency and the manufacturing of the radiation protection garment. The potential for this type of measuring is endless. Our goal is to continue using this cutting-edge technology well beyond the pandemic.”


3DLOOK standardizes the way that Burlington Medical measures for radiation protection garments, so customers will get a more accurate and consistent measurement. There’s no subjective measuring by hand or inconsistency from one measurer to the next. The 3DLOOK technology measures seamlessly from any location, any time. After taking or scanning two full-body images and submitting an order, each customer’s tailored apron is guaranteed to fit every inch of the wearer’s body. 


“We spent a lot of time working with the incredible team at Burlington Medical and thinking about the user experience and convenience of digital measurements especially needed as COVID hit,” says Whitney Cathcart, CSO and co-founder of 3DLOOK. “There was a huge opportunity to deliver our contactless measuring solution immediately to help Burlington Medical continue to deliver customized radiation aprons efficiently. Their digital-first mindset sets a standard for other apparel companies to embrace our digital scanning solutions.”



During the pandemic and beyond, Burlington Medical is committed to the safety of all customers and staff. With 3DLOOK, there’s no need to risk person-to-person contact as all measurements can be made digitally. For added convenience, customers are able to store and access their measurements online, paving the way for a more streamlined ordering process. 


It’s all possible through 3DLOOK’s partnership with Gerber Technology’s made-to-measure system. This allows companies like Burlington Medical to supplement their in-person fittings, operate online, and meet a greater customer demand, all while remaining digitally competitive and forward-thinking in the industry. The technology offers a simple way to digitize measurement capture and automate the entire workflow, which is needed now more than ever with COVID-19.


“Burlington Medical is a great example of an agile, future-oriented company,” says Karsten Newbury, chief strategy and digital officer at Gerber Technology. “The integration between our AccuMark Made-To-Measure platform and 3DLOOK helps Burlington to develop products meant for the shape and size of their actual customers. Systematically connecting their supply chain and leveraging data gives them the agility and efficiency to compete and win in today’s new reality.”

Get in touch to find out how 3DLOOK’s body scanning technology can help your business to start capturing and analyzing valuable segmented body measurement data today
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