Top 3 Benefits Body Data Brings to Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide

From feel-good sizes to sustainable production, here are 3 ways the professional clothing industry will benefit from 3DLOOK's body data platform powered by its body scanning technology.


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Businesses demand uniforms that fit well in order to maintain a professional image. With sizes often differing from supplier to supplier, uniform fittings are a necessary part of the process. They’re also both costly and time-consuming for all of those involved, requiring a tailor or technician to visit each workplace to measure each individual employee, which also takes time away from employee’s regular work schedules.


In March, 3DLOOK joined the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW) to bring body data intelligence to the apparel uniform sector and digitally transform the uniform fit process.


From ensuring employees receive uniforms in feel-good sizes that guarantee both comfort and safety, to encouraging sustainable apparel production, here are top three benefits that 3DLOOK’s Body Data Platform, powered by it’s proprietary 3D mobile scanning technology, can provide to those in the professional clothing industry:

1. The Convenience of Contact-Free Body Measurements for Clothing

3DLOOK provides a contact-free alternative to the traditional fitting process through its innovative cross-platform widget that captures body measurements from just two images taken through any smartphone. A front and side photo of the employee in tight clothing, taken on any background, can be used to generate an accurate 3D body model and 63 points of measure, which is processed in real-time by 3DLOOK’s world-first Body Data Platform.

By digitizing the measurement process for the professional clothing sector, 3DLOOK has created a more efficient fitting process that reduces the time, productivity, and revenue cost to uniform suppliers and their customers.

2. A Faster Alternative Across the Professional Clothing Supply Chain

Businesses’ employees don’t all work in unison. What might be a convenient time for one employee might be inconvenient for another. Similarly, a tailor sent to measure up employees might not have all day to wait for that important meeting to finish. 3DLOOK’s solution reduces staff fittings down to a simple one minute process that speeds up operations throughout the uniform production supply chain. Employees can take their own measurements without assistance, at a time that suits them best.

Then, body measurement and shape data is instantly processed and delivered to a web-based dashboard in real-time. The dashboard segments and analyzes this data to help you apply size and fit intelligence to your current pattern and grading systems. This enables you to better optimize your planning and manufacturing processes – reducing the production of unsuitable products – and ensure that products match the precise size, fit, and shape demands of your customers, removing the risk of returns.

The solution’s algorithms also provide size and fit recommendations for businesses that sell their uniforms online by mapping body data to product data. The goal is to apply this intelligence to optimize forecasting, inventory, and distribution.

service worker uses Uniform Pro

3. Leverage Body Data to Offer Increased Personalization

3DLOOK offers a customer-centered solution that treats every employee as something more than simply small, medium, or large. By capturing an increased range of accurate measurements and shape data, you can consistently live up to your customer’s expectations by providing products that suit unique body shapes, and meet their fit and style preferences.

With Gen Z – which makes up 32% of the global population – now entering the workforce, uniform manufacturers and distributors must prepare for changing customer demands. According to IBM and the National Retail Federation, 48% of Gen Z consumers want products tailor-made to their needs and taste. Likewise, according to McKinsey, 90% believe companies have responsibility to address environmental and social issues. With 3DLOOK, you can cater to a younger market by designing and tailoring products based on accurate size, fit, and shape data. Customers won’t just be happy with the garment they receive, but also the positive changes you’re making towards a more sustainable industry.


Are you ready to digitally transform the uniform fit process?


Are you ready to implement a digital fit and sizing solution to easily measure your employees, bring efficiency to the product development and manufacturing process?


To book a demo please contact us here.

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