Enhancing Efficiency and Accuracy in Uniform Sizing Management

Explore how American Security & Investigations boosted efficiency and reduced costs with 3DLOOK's Mobile Tailor. This case study highlights their remarkable results in streamlining uniform measurements, making security operations more effective.

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The Challenge

American Security & Investigations (ASI), a leading security service provider, faced a significant challenge when it came to outfitting their security personnel. Historically, they relied on manual measurements, with a contracted tailor to measure employees. This approach was both time-consuming and expensive. The company’s management, who are not apparel and tailoring experts, found it challenging to provide accurate and consistent measurements. This led to inefficiencies in sizing security personnel, inventory management issues, and unnecessary costs. ASI identified a need for a user-friendly solution to enhance efficiency and cut costs in uniform sizing.

The Solution

3DLOOK’s Mobile Tailor emerged as a pivotal solution for ASI, offering a technologically advanced alternative for obtaining accurate uniform measurements to properly size the employees in the best fitting uniform. Mobile Tailor enabled ASI employees to easily submit measurements via a straightforward scanning link received via SMS, and impressing with notable features: 

  1. User Accessibility: The app is user-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible to all employees, and ensuring inclusivity for personnel across varied technological proficiencies.


  2. Administrative Ease: The system provides many features such as visual cues in the admin panel making it easy for administrators to track scanning status and identify which personnel are pending.


  3. Comprehensive Measurements: Mobile Tailor provided a wide range of body measurements to choose from, allowing for accurate fit assurance, thereby reducing the margin for size discrepancies.

These features have helped ASI not only eliminate the need for an on-site tailor but also shape infrastructure cost optimization while safeguarding measurement accuracy.

Mobile Tailor enabled ASI employees to easily submit measurements via a straightforward scanning link received via SMS

Mobile Tailor enabled ASI employees to easily submit measurements via a straightforward scanning link received via SMS


The easy integration of  3DLOOK’s Mobile Tailor has yielded a suite of operation advantages for ASI, including:

  1. Cost Savings: With the elimination of the on-site tailor, the company reduced manual measuring costs by 24%

  2. Efficiency: Facilitating an agile uniform onboarding and ordering process has reduced time and administrative workload by 50%.

  3. Inventory Control: Mobile Tailor enabled ASI to refine their uniform inventory processes, accurately aligning employee measurements with available sizes, thereby minimizing surplus inventory by 50% and related costs by 30%.

  4.  Market Expansion: Initially used in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, ASI will roll out the app across all their markets in the next month, showcasing their confidence in the solution’s effectiveness.


“3DLOOK’s Mobile Tailor has been a game-changer for our security business. It’s an incredibly user-friendly system, and the ability to send it via email or SMS is fantastic. Our team, comprised of security professionals, not garment experts, has seen a significant boost in efficiency.


We used to rely on a contracted tailor, which was both time-consuming and costly. They worked on-site, taking measurements and managing uniform orders. With Mobile Tailor, we no longer need this service. It’s saved us both time and money.


Now, we can easily see that the measurements are done correctly and print them out when needed. This streamlined process has become an invaluable time-saver for our operations. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”


Anthony L. Rootes, Vice President, Training & Consultative Services at American Security & Investigations

Future Plans

ASI intends to leverage the success and operational efficiencies gained through the integration of 3DLOOK’s Mobile Tailor in their uniform management process. The adoption of this tech forward solution will not only persist but also expand, as ASI plans a strategic rollout across its markets. Committed to embedding innovation into their operational framework, the company foresees extending the application’s utility to unlock further efficiencies and maintain their sharp, professionally tailored appearance across the entirety of their personnel, no matter the location.

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Case Study


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