3DLOOK featured by Sourcing Journal in the latest Retail Technology Report 2020

Sourcing Journal published Tech 2020 Report on how technology is fueling the evolution of retail. Learn more about how emerging technology can help deliver a better shopping experience and reduce returns rates.


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Sourcing Journal, one of the top global voices for executives working in apparel, textiles, and footwear has published its latest Technology Report 2020 which focuses on how technology is fueling retail’s evolution.


The report hones in on topics and tools which empower retailers to thrive in a tech-first world.  As consumers are increasingly demanding experiences and products that are tailored to their specific needs, the report covers innovative startups that are helping retailers stay relevant and win in this turbulent time of digital innovation. Topics include headless commerce, video commerce, rental, smart stores, and on-demand manufacturing powered by startups solving these problems using robotics, AI, AR/VR, and Blockchain.


3DLOOK is featured in the reports “Sizing up Fit Tech” block as the innovative solution to drive better fit and fewer returns using body data that is collected through its 3D Body Data platform and mobile body scanning technology.


Client 1822 Denim credits 3DLOOK for actually capturing consumer measurements versus rivals that recommend what they think the ideal size might be. The NYC based denim company, one of 3DLOOK’s earliest customers, tested the digital waters with select products of its top-selling Butter line of super-soft, athleisure-esque jeans and has since rolled out the Body Data platform to the rest of the site. Visitors click the “Find My Perfect Fit” button to launch the opt-in 3DLOOK experience widget, which asks for their height before prompting users to scan a QR code or enter their phone number to dive into the photo-capture cross-platform experience.


Please have a look at the 3DLOOK flow on the 1822 Denim website in this short video:

Conversions have ticked up 3 percent to 5 percent, a “healthy” figure, “especially for something that’s new,” quotes Tanya Zrebiec, VP of Strategy and Innovation at A3 Apparel Group, parent of 1822 Denim.


Data Insights:


Importantly, aside from the consumer experience, 1822 is now working with the segmented data 3DLOOK has collected about its customers to refine size and grading rules proving the real power of body data to the bottom line.

3DLOOK has made figuring out what size to buy easier for our customers which they love, and we now have enough data collected to put it to work. We are going to be able to make changes in our product development and planning process that will allow us to maximize the fit opportunity and cut down on returns and waste while also re-targeting products to customers with similar body shapes.

Tanya Zrebiec | VP of Strategy and Innovation at A3 Apparel Group, parent of 1822 Denim

Contact 3DLOOK today to learn how your fashion business can benefit from our body data platform powered by 3D mobile body scanning technology.
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