3DLOOK announces Body Shapes Analytics

3DLOOK rolls out body shape analytics to help apparel companies tackle the problem of poor fit

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3DLOOK rolls out body shape analytics to help apparel companies tackle the problem of poor fit

3DLOOK rolls out body shape analytics to help apparel companies tackle the problem of poor fit

3DLOOK, an AI-first technology company that collects body data of shoppers using their mobile body scanning technology and uses it to map against apparel products, rolls out body shape analytics into all of their solutions. With the new feature, companies will now receive analysis on both measurement and body shape data of their actual customer base, to identify high opportunity groups. This segmented data can be used to adjust grade rules to create better fitting products and to optimize inventory planning and distribution.


Additionally, we analyzed +100 000 unique customer profiles and identified important attributes unique to their data which optimizes the 3D models that their technology generates from a font and side photo taken by the end consumer through their size and fit recommendation widget.


The standard approach segments body shapes based on the ratio between chest, waist, and high hip girth. 3DLOOK’s segmentation parameters also include shoulders, waist, low hip girth, the angles between these measurements, as well as height, weight, BMI, and landmark points, which helps achieve better segmentation accuracy.

How does this work?

Depending on the companies’ needs, 3DLOOK’s solutions can either generate personalized fit and size recommendations to end consumers or deliver precise body measurements for custom-made clothing. Companies simply add measurement widgets to their product pages or send out unique measurement links. Then, the customer takes a front and side photo from any smartphone on any background. The photos are then processed to obtain landmarks on the user’s body, create a unique 3D model of each user, and determine their body shape in under 30 seconds.


Body Shapes Analytics dashboard by 3DLOOK

From there, companies can use the body shape statistics to adjust their product lines and create better fitting clothes based on the body data of the company’s actual customer base.


3DLOOK’s solutions have been adopted by over 35 brands, retailers, and uniform companies around the world, including a major multi-billion dollar retailer in the USA and e-commerce companies such as 1822 Denim, Hiploose, RedThread

Get in touch to find out how 3DLOOK’s body scanning technology can help your business to start capturing and analyzing valuable segmented body measurement data today

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