Fast, precise, revolutionary: Al and 3D powered instant and accurate human body measurements

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  • Decrease remake costs by as much as 90% and alteration cost by up to 50%
  • Boost customer loyalty and retention by as much as 67%
  • Eliminate the time needed to manually measure your customers
  • Appointment scheduling: drive pre-purchase engagement and highly personalized fit experiences
  • Increase leads, simplify the measuring process, solve your customers sizing problems
  • No app download. No integration required, unparalleled convenience

With YourFit Virtual Fitting Room you’ll be able to:

  • Decrease return rates by 3-6%
  • Boost conversion rate by 13-16%
  • Increase Average Order Value by 20-25%
  • Provide your customers with an innovative and personalized shopping experience
  • Make a strong sustainability impact

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$ 99 month

Up to 10 measured customers per month

  • 10 measurements
  • Data export CSV
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$ 149 month

Up to 50 measured customers per month

  • +80 measurements
  • Data export CSV
  • Web widget integration
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$ 499 month

Up to 250 measured customers per month

  • +80 measurements
  • Data export CSV
  • Web widget integration
  • 3D model view
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$ Contact us month

Measured customers

  • +80 measurements
  • Data export CSV
  • Web widget integration
  • 3D model view
  • 3D model export
  • API
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What sets 3DLOOK's scanning technology apart from other solutions?

Our Mobile Body Scanning technology is the result of seven years of development by world-class experts in AI, computer vision, 3D, and apparel fitting. Our in-house 3D scanning lab enables us to generate synthetic data for training and testing our algorithms on a diverse range of body shapes. With over 80 long-term customers, including some of the world’s largest fashion brands and e-commerce companies, we have established a reputation for consistent and accurate measurements. Our technology is uniquely capable of serving a variety of industries, including uniform companies, made-to-measure mens and womenswear, bridal, rental, formalwear, and more.

What value can Mobile Tailor bring to our business?

Mobile Tailor boosts revenue by cutting down on manual measurements, letting businesses concentrate on customer service and growth. It assists Client Success Teams in delivering customized fit advice and enriching customer 360 with precise body data. As a plus, it enhances appointment scheduling, promoting pre-purchase engagement and increasing sales time.

How does Mobile Tailor work?

The Mobile Tailor admin panel lets businesses share a scanning link via email or SMS with their customers from their Mobile Tailor Admin Panel. E-commerce companies can also embed a Measurement widget anywhere on their site or product pages. In either case, the scanning link quickly guides a user through a simple front and side photo capture process. Their measurements will immediately be visible in the business’ Mobile Tailor Admin panel.

Do I need to integrate Mobile Tailor with my business backend to use it?

No. Mobile Tailor is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that requires no integration. Once you select a plan, you can begin using Mobile Tailor immediately. Some plans do include an API making it easy for businesses to connect to their internal systems if needed.

Are there specific clothing requirements?

Mobile Tailor works best when users wear tight-fitted bottoms (ie, leggings) and tops (ie, tight tee shirt, tank top, sports bra).

How long does it take to scan?

The entire scanning process takes under 3 minutes. Measurements are instantly visible in the business admin panel.

How do you address privacy?

We take the privacy of our clients and their users very seriously. Photos are used to process the results (3D model generation and computation of measurements). A client can request to have photos for their account deleted immediately by contacting us at with a deletion request.

What if the user is alone? How do they scan?

We offer two options for customers to scan themselves: ‘With a friend’ mode, where another person can take the scan, or ‘Hands-free’ mode, where our voice control guides the user through a quick scan by themselves, using a desk-high table to angle the phone making the process quick and easy.

Do you have an option for our customers to upload existing photos?

No, we have found that the most accurate output comes from scans processed through our widget, which includes a gyroscope for angle control.

How does my customer scan themselves?

Depending on your plan, your customer will receive an SMS or email with a measurement link, or access the link by tapping on the measurement widget on your website. They will open the link through a smartphone browser and follow the instructions to scan by taking two photos – one from the front and one from the side. They can ask a friend to help or use the voice-controlled table flow. Feel free to watch our demo.

Recognized by customers and industry experts

Acknowledged in Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Retail Technologies, 2021

Awarded ‘Best In-Store Technology’ at the Digiday Technology Awards

Winner of the LVMH Innovation Award, 2019

4.8 out of 5 based on customer reviews on G2

RTIH Innovation Awards winner for ‘Retailer/Technology Supplier Relationship’