Unisync incorporates 3DLOOK’s fit and sizing technology

3DLOOK’s AI-first mobile body measuring solution instantly matches end-wearers with perfectly fit uniforms without the need for physical fittings.


Unisync incorporates 3DLOOK's fit and sizing technology to introduce unique uniform fitting experience

Unisync incorporates 3DLOOK's fit and sizing technology to introduce unique uniform fitting experience

Unisync Corp. (TSXV: “UNI”) (“Unisync”) announced a partnership with 3DLOOK to virtualize and automate the process of measuring and fitting for uniforms. 3DLOOK’s solution gives Unisync the unique ability to forgo massive offline fitting events, saving timing and resources, and increasing the efficiency of its business processes.

“For many years, we have been searching for a body scanning technology that will enable accurate scanning to correctly dress all of our contracted end-users with their best-recommended uniform based upon their scanned size,” said CEO Matt Graham. “We have triled many potential solutions over recent years, but most were either not accurate or were not overly user-friendly. In 3DLOOK, we have finally found a solution that combines ease-of-use with accuracy and removes the need for in-person fitting sessions that are both cumbersome in time and cost-prohibitive,” claimed Matt Graham. “We are excited to start rolling this technology to all of our existing and new customers.”

3DLOOK’s solution ensures a simple and fast experience for Unisync’s end-users, giving them the ability to accurately measure themselves with a smartphone or a tablet device in the comfort of their own homes. They only have to take a front and side photo while fully dressed and let the technology instantly determine what size uniform would fit best. The whole process is quick and straightforward and doesn’t require a measuring tape or assistance of any kind.

Unisync is one of the pioneers to introduce the AI-powered fit and sizing solution in the legacy uniform sector. For decades, businesses in the industry have had to set up in-person measuring and fitting events where sales reps physically measure hundreds of people, followed by trying on workwear samples to determine the correct size. These events are time-consuming, expensive to set up, and prone to human error. 3DLOOK’s technology is finally putting an end to these archaic processes.

“Bringing innovation to this antiquated market isn’t easy, since the novelty completely changes the established fitting process and affects thousands of people across the uniform supply chain: from sales teams to end-wearers,” – said Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO and co-founder at 3DLOOK. “We applaud the team at Unisync for having the foresight to use this innovation to ease the fitting process and enhance their own operations, pushing the whole industry to the tech-driven future.”