A CLOSER LOOK Webinar Series

Bringing uniform businesses into the digital age

Introducing Uniform Pro:  a digital fit, sizing and measuring event management system built specifically to streamline and solve the biggest challenges facing the uniform industry
Accelerated by COVID, the uniform industry has seen a critical need for a digital sizing system to quickly, consistently, and accurately measure end wearers. In this webinar, you will learn how Uniform Pro, built specifically for the uniform industry by industry professionals, achieves all this and more with our virtual event management system.
Your Speakers
A man in a suit and tie is smiling, representing uniform businesses in the digital age.
Widely recognized as one of the worlds leading experts in the apparel, fashion, retail, and workwear industries, Ed now runs Gribbin Strategic, a retail advisory firm. Ed serves on numerous boards and regularly presents insights and thought leadership themes to international apparel conferences.
Whitney Cathcart
25+ year apparel manufacturing, retail, and e-commerce expert. MIT certification in AI with an acute focus on the future of retail and e-commerce.
A woman in a black shirt and pearls is speaking into a microphone at a businesses event.
Known throughout every element of the supply chain, Yvette has built a network that has been supporting the professional clothing sector for over 25 years through the PCIAW® Summit, Networking & Awards event, PCIAW®VOICE magazine, and the Uniform Buyers Network.
  • Emerging trends and opportunities in the rapidly growing uniform sectors
  • Why fit matters: How body data can help to keep our workforce safe and comfortable
  • How virtualizing the fit event process saves sales reps and companies time and money
  • The future of uniform manufacturing: how Uniform Pro, the workwear industry’s first complete digital fitting solution, streamlines the complex fitting process
  • A deep dive into 3DLOOK’s transformative Uniform Pro platform [DEMO]
  • PCIAW will outline the importance of sizing technology to the professional clothing industry and the benefits it offers to uniform buyers and suppliers
  • What does the future hold for uniform industry?
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    We get more efficient, consistent measurements with 3DLOOK. It has reduced repairs and alterations by removing the subjectivity and inconsistency received when measuring by hand. The accuracy of the measurements are spot on.

    Lee Ann
    SVP of global operation